OHF 333

• It resists fire blight.

• It is not recommended for use in calcareous, heavy-textured soils with high ground water.

• It is a pear rootstock created by clonal selection of semi-dwarf Oldhome x Farmigdale pear varieties.

• It does not need a support system after planting, and it is a rootstock that requires care in pruning and maintenance.

Fox 11

• It is resistant to calcareous and high pH soils.

• It is a medium-strength, semi-dwarf rootstock and its tree crown volume is 60% of the standard pear rootstock.

• Compared to quince origin rootstocks, it is more resistant to fire blight and the damages is less.

• It has a danse root structure and is one of the strongest rootstock types in terms of clinging to the soil.